Who leads the multiple birth antenatal courses?

All the teachers are qualified midwives or antenatal teachers with a minimum of two years’ experience. They are all mothers with a keen interest in multiple births. This differs from many antenatal course providers where courses can be run by a trainee or inexperienced practitioner.

How can a private session change the experience of birth and early parenting of my twins or triplets?

Being prepared helps couples to feel more aware of their options and more confident about their birth and parenting decisions. Many couples expecting twins or more have had a roller coaster journey and the session gives them the opportunity to take control in a practical way and to feel more positive. Some people are apprehensive about having more than one baby and knowing what support is available and some coping strategies can lighten the load.

My birth partner will be unable to attend, can I come alone?

You are very welcome to come on your own or if you prefer you could bring a friend or relative.

Will we be able to discuss particular topics?

Private courses are tailor made for your needs so the course teacher will call you before your session to find out exactly what you want. If you are unsure what you need to know the course teacher will take you through information that will be important for you. You will be able to ask questions throughout.

Can we discuss postnatal topics like breastfeeding multiples too?

Yes you can cover whatever you need to assist you with the birth and early parenting of your twins or triplets.