Private Course Content

shutterstock_80867923-2000Private courses are tailor made to meet your needs, we speak to you before the session to find out exactly what you want.
Below are the types of topics you may wish covered or if you are not sure we can just take you through what we know will be useful for you. We can arrange a bespoke session at a time that is convenient to you.

  • Factors influencing type of birth for twins or triplets, vaginal or C section
  • Role of birth partner in vaginal or C section birth
  • How twin birth or triplet birth is different and what to expect
  • How can you cope with labour pain and what choices do you have
  • How to write a twin birth plan
  • How to make Caesarean birth special
  • Recovery after a C-section or a vaginal birth
  • Prematurity and how you can minimise your risks
  • What happens if twins or triplets go to a Special Care Baby Unit
  • How to breastfeed twins or triplets or bottle feed more than one baby
  • Whether to co-sleep twins or triplets and how to develop a routine
  • Impact on your relationship of having twins
  • What equipment do you need for twins and triplets
  • How will I be able to tell them apart and how can I nurture their individual identities