About Us

Twin Birth offer specialist multiple birth antenatal courses throughout the UK for couples expecting twins, triplets or more. Having a multiple birth is a different type of birth and parenting experience and we offer specialist knowledge to help you prepare for the arrival and care of your babies.

  • We have been running courses for multiple births since 2007 and we are the only antenatal course provider to be affiliated with the leading multiple birth charity, Tamba. We are also ¬†accredited by the Federation of Antenatal Teachers.
  • All our courses are run by qualified multiple birth specialists who are either midwives or NCT teachers. Twin or triplet families are on hand to help you get a realistic picture of what to expect.
  • In 2014 97% of participants rated their multiple birth antenatal course with us as excellent or very good. The remaining 3% rated their course as good.
  • We are currently recruiting for experienced antenatal teachers and midwives to deliver courses for us in Chiswick, Finchley and Guildford.